Textos em Inglês : The daily routine

My family and I are in a Caribbean beach, we start the day by getting up at nine o’clock am, and then we have breakfast. For me, chocolate doughnuts and for the rest of my family too. After breakfast we go directly to the hotels swimming pool, I love being in the pool! At midday we have lunch, and I eat pizza, my favourite dish.

At one o’clock we go to the awesome Caribbean beach, one thing I love on that beach is the fresh natural juice, it is so good! At five past five, my brother and I are in the hotel heated swimming pool, and we play handball a lot. At twenty-five past eight we have dinner, Italian food as well. After dinner I go to bed and I watch TV but suddenly I get lost on a dream because I’m very tired.   What a nice day!!!

António Neves 7.º D

      I wake up at seven o´clock in the morning, then I wash my face and get dressed. I usually have milk and toasts with jam at breakfast. My mother sometimes doesn’t have breakfast at home, because she doesn’t have time. I brush my hair and go to school by car with my mum. My brother and my father go to school by car, too. My classes start at a quarter past eight and finish at a quarter past four. I go to bed at ten o’clock.

      On my imaginary perfect day, I wake up at nine o’clock and travel on first class to Caribbean. My parents have already gone there, but my brother and I haven’t. We go to the beach, see the sunset and go for a walk on the beach. It’s very calm and relaxing. The water is clean and with a lot of fish, of many colours! This would be a perfect day!

                                                                                    Matilde Farias 7.º E

I always wake up at seven thirty, get dressed, have breakfast at seven forty, then I brush my teeth and go to school at eight o’clock. School starts at a quarter past eight and finishes at a quarter past four. When I get home I watch TV, do my homework, and study.

On my perfect day with my family we wake up at eleven a.m. and have a delicious breakfast with waffles, eggs, milkshakes, and lots of sweet things. Then we go to Walt Disney World and go to a lot of amazing roller coasters, because there is no need to queue up, and we don t need to wait for a ride.

We stay in Disney all day, then we watch a beautiful show and we sing and dance.

And to finish this perfect day we have dinner in an amazing restaurant. In this restaurant there is always nice music playing.

Rita Costa 7.º D

On a perfect day with my family I wake up at half past eight and then I read in my bed. Then I have breakfast. Next I play wii with my sister all morning. Later we have lunch at Sushill out, an amazing sushi restaurant and we go to Monsanto to ride our bikes. In the afternoon we go back home and I have a bubble bath. Then I invite my friends to dinner. We all eat together and, after dinner, we watch a movie. I go to bed at a quarter to eleven.

But, in my real daily routine I get up at a quarter past seven and get dressed. I have breakfast and go to school at eight o´clock. School starts at a quarter past eight. After school I have lunch at one o´clock. After lunch I have school from five past two to a quarter past four. Then I go home and have a shower. The time I go home depends on the day of the week. I have dinner with my family and next we watch “Bem-Vindos a Beirais”. I go to bed at half past nine.

Teresa Côrte-Real  7.º E




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